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Page history last edited by Bob Hofman 13 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to the Learning Circle "Echoes from the past, Poems for the future 2"




We are thrilled to finally have a go with the Echoes project; he're some questions, we thought it would help you to list them, including the answers.

Please note:

Dear Learning Circle participants,

It is with great pleasure that, even though the time line indicates that the Learning Circle has ended, we see new poems arriving in the wiki almost every day.

In the past week we were in contact with the ACSN (Association for Canadian Studies in The Netherlands) to discuss what would be the best way to publish the poems created by the students and offer thepublication as gift to the Dutch and Canadian blue helmets in Afghanistan. And teacher Maurits Kamman from Canisius School in Almelo, will join with 2 students on the iEARN World Conference in Barrie, Canada from July 11th -17th to present an Echoes workshop. We will do our utmost best to hand a copy of the printed poems publication to veteran Danny McLeod, who's interviews by video conference are in this wiki.

Please be aware of the following:

-       If your students still have poems that are not posted in the wiki, please do so before June 25th so they can be included in the Echoes Publication

-       Unless you clearly express to us by email that your students works cannot be included, we will add all poems in the wiki in the publication

-       We will mention the names of the schools and (if indicated on the poems pages) the names of the students.

We’re open for any suggestions that can help us to present your students work in  the best way possible.

With regards, Bob and Ria.

Comments (14)

Bob Hofman said

at 1:00 pm on Jun 25, 2010

We would like to thank all students and teachers for the amazing contributions.
We have ‘harvested’ all 200+ poems as off 1 pm today and are now in the design phase of the poem booklet. Changes/ contributions as off now are visible in the wiki, yet can no longer be added in the booklet. This booklet will become available as PDF. Also a copy the booklet will be presented by Dutch and Canadian students on July 12th during the opening session of the 2010 iEARN conference in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Sheila McLeod from Kingston Ontario (see video conference in sidebar of the wiki).
With sincere greetings from Holland, Ria and Bob.

Mike Cusack said

at 5:17 am on Jun 25, 2010

Hello all, I know we're a little late, but here's the results of a project we've worked on while participating here. Check it out... http://sh.nbed.nb.ca/liberation/. Thanks to all for the enjoyable experience.

Bob Hofman said

at 9:41 am on May 18, 2010

Thank you for posting the poems; Ria andBob are presently in Ghana, on very low internet access, yet we try to follow your new posting with greet interest!! Many greetings Bob.

Ria Kattevilder said

at 10:54 am on May 3, 2010

In the Netherlands May 4th is Rememberance Day and May 5th is Liberation Day.

With kind regards,

Bob Hofman said

at 2:32 am on Mar 18, 2010

Thanks Mike... it's nice to keep developing, use new(er) options and most of all learn form feedback of participants!
Greetings from Holland, tomorrow 17C.. spring is here for sure! Bob.

Mike Cusack said

at 5:13 pm on Mar 17, 2010

Bob & Ria,

Just thought I'd take a minute to complement you on all the changes I see in the site since the last project. I like all the graphics and other tweaks... it looks fantastic and is easy to navigate. Well done.


Jodie Maltby said

at 10:44 pm on Mar 11, 2010

See you at 3:45 on Thursday! - Jodie Maltby

Bob Hofman said

at 2:36 am on Mar 5, 2010

Dear Pieter-Jan, Amanda, Andrew, Rose-Marie, Stacey and Pieter, dear all,
Today I was a guest at St.-Canisius school in Tubbergen, where we did a 45 mins. web conference (Skype) with mr. Danny McLeod, a 87 year old veteran from Kinston, Ontario.
Amazing to see and hear how he connected to the students; he didn't knew a things of PC's (his own words) but he was thrilled to be connected to the Dutch students.
Soon more on this VC in a webcam and picture report... happy to have you all on board!! Greetings, form Dieren, Holland, Bob

p.j.g.m.broos@uilenhof.csdehoven said

at 9:04 pm on Mar 3, 2010

I am in. Pieter Broos

Stacey Wood said

at 11:50 pm on Feb 27, 2010

I am able to log in. Looking forward to this experience!!
Stacey Wood

Rose-Marie Pendery said

at 3:53 pm on Feb 27, 2010

I am in Orillia near Barrie on a student exchange programme.
Would be nice if I could get in touch with my partner from Barrie (next village) but do not know how.
Anyone out there with tips?

antownsend@mail1.scdsb.on.ca said

at 8:01 pm on Feb 26, 2010

I am in! - Andrew Townsend

Amanda Pottle said

at 2:51 am on Feb 25, 2010

I have been able to log in. I am looking forward to this.

p.koreman@cambreurcollege.nl said

at 9:35 pm on Feb 24, 2010

I've been able to log in. Pieter-Jan Koreman

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